Barefoot Bowling Ball Soccer on Legos

File this one under "stupid sports." Houston Jones and Chris Colditz must really be into pain. A couple of years ago, they invented Bowling Ball Soccer, in which the normally lightweight and rubbery soccer ball is replaced with a bowling ball. You play it barefooted, of course. I guess the purpose was to see how much they could injure their feet. Then last year, they put the sport on ice. The latest version of the game was recently played outdoors on a paved surface that is covered in LEGO pieces! Anyone who has ever stepped on a LEGO brick while barefoot knows how much that can hurt. In this game, even the referee is barefoot.

This Tweet just introduces the idea, which may be painful enough for you. The full 12-minute video is here if you want to see it, but beware that there is blood. Please do not try this at home. -Thanks, WTM!

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