Artist Shay Rose Made a Chain Mail Dress out of 2,652 Pennies

Shay Rose decided to make use of all those pennies in her home.  Rose decided to turn them into a chainmail dress, spending weeks sewing the small coins into the dress. According to an Instagram post she shared after finishing the project, it took a lot longer than expected to finish the incredible metal chainmail dress. Well, drilling holes into 2652 pennies and sewing them all together will take a long time, right? 

The resulting dress is super cool. The mini dress looks like it was made of mermaid scales or a fancy, sexier version of armor we see in fantasy movies. What was initially a ‘quick December project’ turned into a work that she finished by the end of January. Regardless of the hours she spent, Rose shared that she loved the result of her weird idea, and the effort was very much worth it. Check a full tutorial on how to make the same dress below! 

Image credit: Shay Rose 

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