An Evil Dinner Party Plot

It's a shame people don't throw dinner parties much anymore, but this may be the reason the custom has fallen by the wayside. This guy has a diabolical plan to cause minor annoyances for his host for years to come! Plot twist: he shouldn't have bothered going to the trouble, because these things all occur naturally. I haven't thrown any dinner parties for years and I am still vexed by mysterious objects that appear in the most obscure places. But if it makes him feel better about putting up with his nemesis at work, then more power to him. It's another nonsensical yet amusing anecdote from Chris Hallbeck.

In the comments, we get a bonus real-life story about long-term revenge from @paullenoue8173. 

When I was a kid there was a jerk who zoomed around the neighborhood like it was a race track on his way to and from work and over the weekends. As a result we kids were forbidden from playing in the streets because the more the adults asked him to slow down the faster he went. One day I was walking around with a friend and noticed a mid-sized greasy bolt on the ground. Picked it up and made several "There's a nut running around loose" jokes. When we passed the jerk's house (car parked in front lawn, of course) I placed the bolt under the windshield wiper along with a note that read "You'll never find where I took this from." Next couple of months the jerk spent all of his free time working on his car trying to find a hole that needed the bolt. He moved out after a while. Few years later I found out from the neighborhood adults the jerk had turned witness on a friend who ended up in federal jail for a number of years and had gotten parole at some point before and the bolt prank made him paranoid his old friend was out for revenge.

The moral of the story is, don't steal your co-worker's lunch. Also, don't speed through your neighborhood and endanger children.

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