"All You Can Eat Buffet Not Mean All Day Buffet"

This unnamed Chinese restaurant's window is channeling the late great comedian John Pinette's famous standup comedy routine "Around the World in 80 Buffets."

The sign says, in broken English:

"All you can eat buffet not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat - You go home"

But the kicker is the small taped up notice that says:

"No! We no see cat of yours. No more ask please"

Yeah, it's photoshopped for sure but it's still funny! Plus, it's a great excuse to post Pinette's bit.

From the clip:

"So I went to this Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet and boy, the owner, he got pissed. I mean he was rude though he'd come out every hour ... 

[In Chinese restaurant owner voice] Son of a b-tch still here! Look he go again! 

He started screaming at me, you go now! You here four hour! Why you here four hour? You no come here anymore! Why you have sparerib you so biiig? 

Eat vegetable. Eat broccori!"

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