AI vs. AI: When Two Chatbots Talk to Each Other

Artificial intelligence has enabled us to create machines that mimic human conversation and behavior. They have yet to pass the Turing Test, and exist in that uncanny valley where they are close enough to human to impress us, yet far enough away to leave us creeped out at times. Cleverbot was programmed to initiate conversation and say things that are calculated to elicit response from a human. It's also smart enough to recognize another chatbot when it encounters one.

The nonsensical phrases that artificial intelligence sometimes generates is funny enough, but here we have another layer of nonsense. See, Cleverbot was made to talk to humans. It apparently does not like talking to another robot, even if that robot is another version of itself. While it cannot blow a gasket the way we would, you can see both Cleverbots falling into extreme passive-aggressive snark!

#chatbot #artificialintelligence #recursion

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